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Module pylilac.Symbol

An interface to build expressions in the Backus-Naur form (BNF), used as right hand symbols in the rules of a Grammar.


The classes in this module follow this hierarchy:
       <pre class="base-tree">
        <a href="../private/pylilac.Symbol._Symbol-class.html"><code>_Symbol</code></a> --+    
       <a href="../private/pylilac.Symbol._Aggregation-class.html"><code>_Aggregation</code></a> --+
       </pre><br />

  _Symbol --+    
            |                   |
            |                   +--_Epsilon

Supported operations

Over the set Σ of possible BNF expressions, two operations are defined: Σ has the following properties:

To Do: _kleene() function and * operator (rank 3)

NonTerminal A non-terminal symbol.
Terminal A terminal symbol.

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